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About me



Modern life has now led us to run frantically, to be "bombarded" by a flood of information that we hardly assimilate completely. But have we ever tried to stop for a moment to "savor" calmly everything that comes to us?

This project was born from here, since I "stopped" and I tried to listen and listen; in doing so, I have appreciated through photography the subtle but wide difference between the

look and observe. Think about it: we generally look, let's see, let's take a look but in doing so we lose a world that only by observing carefully we will see. Looking carefully we will discover that we can feel the colors and see the closed noises in a blink of eyelashes...

We are naturally led to look without much attention, a quick glance and we go further and so 'doing we lose a world that only looking good we see ... Here is the photograph allows us to have a fixed image and to be able to "taste" completely without haste , to be able to steal that imperfect perfection that only a shot can give us, to see things that otherwise would be lost forever. Moments so unique that not even the mind can remember so clearly.



"It's the moments that make great photos , not photos that make great moments..."

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