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Modern life has now led us to run frantically, to be "bombarded" by a flood of information that we hardly assimilate completely. But have we ever tried to stop for a moment to "savor" calmly everything that comes to us?

This project was born from here, since I "stopped" and I tried to listen and listen; in doing so, I have appreciated through photography the subtle but wide difference between the

look and observe. Think about it: we generally look, let's see, let's take a look but in doing so we lose a world that only by observing carefully we will see. Looking carefully we will discover that we can feel the colors and see the closed noises in a blink of eyelashes...

We are naturally led to look without much attention, a quick glance and we go further and so 'doing we lose a world that only looking good we see ... Here is the photograph allows us to have a fixed image and to be able to "taste" completely without haste , to be able to steal that imperfect perfection that only a shot can give us, to see things that otherwise would be lost forever. Moments so unique that not even the mind can remember so clearly.



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